Florian Kitzmüller | CEO Rollinmotions

I like to play with ideas and put them on screen in a creative way. Most of the time it's a combination of graphic elements, motion pictures and sound designs which interact together. I think todays information needs to interact with our society in a smart way as technology invents itself on a daily base.

"Desktop Publishing" also known as computer based design helped me to realise my needs during the mid of the 90ies and is a part of my life till today.

2017 I founded Rollinmotions to work with local and international clients and partners, producing creative content strategies for web-based technologies, broadcasting and modern media screens.

Beside the world of design and motion pictures I extended my focus on workshops & trainings with motivational purposes, office management, social media awareness and creative content development in cooperation with different educational institutions since 2008.

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